Paint Maintenance

1 Day
Our Exterior Maintenance Detail adds shine and protection. This detail option is perfect to keep your paint looking fresh, however, it will remove very light swirls, and add some protection and fill some visible swirls and scratches.

The process begins with a car wash using our two-bucket method and fresh mitts and towels.

The car is completely decontaminated and the paint surface is treated with an iron deposit removing chemical, a tar remover where needed, and a clay bar to remove any remaining paint contamination.

A one-step polish and wax is used to finish this service to add shine and protect with a carnauba wax. 

Prices Starting At:
Cars $300| Midsize $350| Over-Size $400

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Paint Enhancement Correction

1-2 Days

This is will begin to make your car more visually appealing. We start with our in-depth hand wash and thorough decontamination of the vehicle.


With this correction, we are aiming to remove about 50-80+ of the defects from your paint where you'll start to really see the difference in your paint.

Polish is used to remove light swirls or scratches to add optical clarity and depth to the paint.


Once the correction stages are complete the vehicle is finished with a high-quality silica spray sealant, a hand applied paint sealant, or for long term protection you can add on a Ceramic Coating for added shine and additional protection.


Cars $500 | Midsize $550| Over-Size $600

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Paint Correction

2-3 days

This process is where perfection meets the paint! We start with the same in-depth hand wash and thorough decontamination of your vehicle.

After the surface is dry and free of any contaminants we work panel-by-panel using both our compound and polish to remove any scratches that can be removed from the paint. This time consuming and labor intensive process ensures that your paint will be as defect-free as possible.

After initial correction we re-inspect the entire vehicle and spot polish any flaws that remain, eliminating 90% of the total defects. 

We highly recommend upgrading to our long term  ceramic coatings to preserve your newly perfected vehicle.

In shop vehicle inspection quotes only

**Starting at $750

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