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My name is Zach. And I'm obsessed with cars, and chasing that little bit of perfection that others don't even look for, and trying to clean and perfect areas that you have forgotten even got dirty. 
​I love this, I enjoy doing all the little nitty gritty details that others don't even think about.
​Nothing is more satisfying to me then when someone tells me "This looks better than when I got it!" 

​If you're looking for fast and cheap, we're probably not going to be a good fit. But ​if you love your car, and are someone who believes in quality above all, we're probably going to get along great.

​Our bottom line goal is quality first. We aim to get you car perfect as possible, then protect the finish, and help you preserve that for as long as you have the car.

Auto Detailing


We are currently a home based operation
The owner's name is Zach, most people bring it to his home garage in Mogadore, Ohio to be detailed, but in some case he is mobile and can come to you.

*During the winter, when very cold, light interior jobs can only be be done mobile, unless in a heated garage.